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Where Goodness Grows: Chickahominy Falls Wins Virginia’s 2020 Community of The Year

What started five years ago at Cornerstone Homes with an idea, plenty of research, inspiration and good old-fashioned hard work, reached back around full circle to meet the highest aspiration. Last week, the local homebuilder was awarded Community of the Year at the Home Builders Association of Virginia’s 2020 Housing Excellence Awards for its unique […]

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Hometown Harvest

Your Some Day is NOW!

 You’ve  worked hard… you’ve scarified some… and given lots. And if you had to do it all over again, you would!   But now it’s time to focus on YOU!  This is the time to live every day extraordinarily. You’ve decided you are done with shoveling snow, cutting the grass, raking leaves, and taking multiple trips up and […]

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Stuff and More Stuff – Time to Right Size Your Life

Helpful Tips to Pare Down your Stuff You’ve decided it’s the right time to right size your life, congratulations!  Children are gone, don’t need that big house or want to do all that yard work, and ready for some “me” time and adventure!   You are about to begin one of your greatest adventures yet.   […]

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Juicy News

Where Gratitude Grows.

There is already an aura of the unexpected that lives here at Chickahominy Falls. It started in the very beginning with an idea that kickstarted a lifestyle that was destined to be different. And like all things that are unique and uncommon, they become treasured. For our residents of Chickahominy Falls, Woodside Farms is the […]

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The Comforts and Benefits of Single Level Living

It is no secret that single level living makes life easy.   Single level living is easy for you now, but more importantly, you can rest assured it will definitely be easy in your future.   And it is just plain smart to be prepared for your future!   Just think of the times you have run […]

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The Woodside Worm

Post Holiday De-Clutter

Happy New Year! We made it! 2020: the year that kept on giving, even though we begged and begged it to stop, is finally over and we can turn the calendars over to a new year. We often have ample energy and hopes for all our new resolutions around this time of year only to […]

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Easy Natural Tips to Combat Stress

It’s somehow two-thirds of the way through October, well past two-thirds of the way through the year, the weather is changing, the holidays are around the corner, oh and there’s a little global pandemic sprinkled in around it all. This time of year is almost always served with a heaping helping of stress, and this […]

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