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Fall Fest on The Farm

Around here, a little dust on your boots indicates the telltale sign of a good day. At the Chickahominy Falls Fall Fest, that dust opens the door to fun, friends, and family. Come for the tours, treats, and farm-fresh goodies to share. Farmhouse Dusty Boot Tours Model Home Tours Live Music Farmers Market Farm Fresh […]

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Juicy News

Harvesting Excitement At Chickahominy Falls

Gathering here with grateful hearts happens on a routine basis at Chickahominy Falls. But this Fall is giving us even more reasons to feel extra thankful for the unique life that is all ours here. Just like the changing of the seasons, our activities and clubs are getting renewed life. Woodside Farms may be moving […]

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The Woodside Worm

The Mediterranean Diet & Eating from the Heart

If you’ve read my last two blog posts on the Mediterranean diet you’ll know by now that a key component of following this lifestyle is sharing and enjoying your meals with loved ones (if you haven’t read the previous blogs you can catch them here – “A Little Intro Into the Mediterranean Diet” & “Health […]

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Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

As functional medicine becomes more mainstream, I’m so happy to hear of more health programs being developed around prescribing therapeutic diets. Doctors’ offices are writing prescriptions for CSA memberships and many chronic illnesses are being addressed at their root – inflammatory diets. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic disease […]

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Hometown Harvest

River Canoeing or Kayaking in Richmond, Virginia

Getting on the river is the perfect relaxing hot summer day adventure.  And around Richmond, Virginia, there are plenty of different opportunities close by.  But the biggest is The James River, the Region’s greatest natural resource.   There are no other cities where you can kayak and raft class III and IV rapids in an […]

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8 Mountain Getaways From Richmond, VA

The hot and humid weather has arrived, it must be July in Richmond! There is certainly so much to love about the Richmond area, but by July a lot of us are looking for ways to beat the heat! Luckily, we live in one of the nation’s most beautiful and diverse states, where we have many different […]

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