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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” A phrase that has been attributed to the Father of Medicine himself, Hippocrates. There pretty much wasn’t a day that went by while in nutrition school that I didn’t at some point read/hear/speak this phrase. It was at the core of everything I had learned […]

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Hometown Harvest

Just to See You Smile!

Cornerstone Cares! From the moment you walk through our door, you are already considered part of the family.  And we will do anything to see you smile.   As an exclusive 55+ homebuilder, we put your lifestyle first.  And it all starts with a learning-based approach, to help put you on that path to a […]

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Connecting With Our Past – History of the Old Stone House

The Old Stone House at Chickahominy Falls, Cornerstone’s agri-community located in Hanover County, is an important Historic Landmark with rich family history.  It also serves as the cornerstone to the beginning of this nationally recognized community.    Nathan David Hargrove, a successful Richmond painting contractor and business owner, purchased the land where the stone house […]

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Juicy News

Design Tips for Open Concept Living

One thing is for sure, change is always going to happen.  And how we live in our homes is constantly changing. Today’s active adults want homes designed for open concept living.  Living in older homes with boxed in rooms, they want to do away with constrictive walls and create open airy and bright spaces.  However, […]

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How to Zoom and FaceTime: Staying Connected With Friends and Family

Staying connected is what life is all about in a Cornerstone community… and that will never stop being our “cornerstone,” even during social distancing times.  Thanks to modern video tools, you can still connect with your neighbors, family and friends right from the comfort of your home or patio!    Thanks to the internet we can […]

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The Woodside Worm

Spring Salad Recipes from Woodside Farms

Blair Doucette from Woodside Farms at Chickahominy Falls shares her favorite recipe using bagged greens just picked on the Farm.  It makes me feel healthy just reading this!   Here is what she has to say:  “Summer is almost here! It’s hard to believe, The frost we got this past week and the fuzzy pajamas I’ve been […]

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For Everything There Is a Season. And Ours Starts This Weekend.

Each week, Woodside Farms offers residents of Chickahominy Falls and the Greater Richmond Community access to naturally grown fresh produce, eggs, bread and meat for purchase at our Farm Stand. As the events related to COVID19 unfold with increasing uncertainty, we want to ensure our neighbors and the community at large we will continue to […]

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