Wander Often: Reaping The Rewards of Our Richmond Area Location.

Inside the boundaries of Chickahominy Falls lives a lifestyle so unique that it can confidently claim the rights as the only 55+ Agri-hood in America. Ask anyone who lives here, and they will tell you there is nothing quite like it. With so much to keep you engaged and excited every day, at home. And yet, right outside the perimeter of this place, there are so many reasons to keep you exploring and going beyond. Where the greater Richmond area’s culture of creativity puts its stamp on everything it touches.

Take a look at how some of our homeowners spent their summers, in wonder as they wandered around this place, they call home.

Local Color.

All gardens are purpose full. And this one in particular, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, is designed to fill your soul right up to the brim. Meticulously landscaped for your content. But after hours brings out a totally new side to these gardens adding another colorful way to connect, besides the blossoms and blooms. Sprinkled throughout the month, guests can also join for crafting, concerts and classes.

Cheers to Chickahominy.

Creativity gets poured by the glass full all-around Chickahominy Falls. From countryside craft breweries to our own local Virginia wineries, each one with its own flavor profile, yet all representing their hometown roots. From James River Winery and Brambly Park Winery to Center of the Universe and Hardywood breweries, just to name a few. Our neighbors had no problems celebrating their differences, no doubt toasting to the good life that lives all around. And, we will certainly drink to that.

Tastes Of The Town.

Richmond is known for its art scene. You can see it represented no matter where you turn. And that same level of creativity is influenced throughout its culinary representations. Where restaurants embrace the local flavors, bringing farm to table to create a masterpiece with a completely different palette. From downtown Ashland at Iron Horse to downtown Richmond at places like Blue Atlas, our Chickahominy Falls neighbors made their way around town. Filling up on the full flavors of home, with all their neighborhood foodie friends.

Art For A Cause.

Boutique shopping is one thing, but finding a one-of-a-kind, handmade treasure that gives back in more ways than one is something entirely more special. This summer the ARC Thrift Store had many of the talented artists from Chickahominy Falls on showcase with custom painted chairs for charity. The Art of ARC Auction raised $6,500 for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Hanover. Making this one shopping trip to remember.

Another Bright Spot.

Flowers have a way of making everyone happy. They can brighten a room or somebody’s mood in equal measure. And right down the road from our very own Woodside Farms is a garden after our own heart. The Bloom Bar at Holly Hill Flower Farm can help you to add those all-natural pops of color to your world, just moments from home.

Fun in High Gear.

Our cycling club gets around. On two wheels, you’ll see your world from a more up close and personal perspective. This summer, tours would wind through Downtown Ashland, stopping to grab a quick, local bite to taking in the sights of Randolph Macon College in the off season. But with a new academic year gearing up, so too will the opportunities for adding even more culture to your social calendar. With art exhibitions and concerts, these are the vibrant benefits of living in a small college town.

At Chickahominy Falls, you’ll always have the freedom to experience life at your own pace. But with all the options to enrich your days at the heart of home and well beyond, your own pace might set a personal record. Nothing in life is for certain, except maybe one thing. You’ll never run out of things to do here.