Month: August 2022

Inflammation and Its Role In Chronic Diseases

By now, many of us know that inflammation is at the core of most chronic illnesses that plague us as Americans. And inflammation is caused by a variety of factors. But first and foremost, our diet is to blame. Pro-inflammatory foods (like processed foods, sugars, and artificial flavors) trigger safety mechanisms within our own bodies that cause inflammation and attack our cell walls. When we reduce the inflammation in our bodies, our immune systems are better able to stop and heal the root causes of our illnesses. Many doctors - alternative and mainstream alike - are recognizing the role inflammation plays in our overall wellness and longevity. However, conventional medicine is overwhelmingly targeting treating symptoms rather than addressing the root causes of our illnesses. For instance, when we have arthritis, many doctors will prescribe a pain medication to treat the symptoms of pain, rather than diving in to see where the inflammation is coming from.

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10 Ways to Welcome New Neighbors

Moving to a new community and making a lifestyle change is an exciting endeavor, especially for someone right-sizing into their forever home. A whole new world of possibilities opens up with new neighbors, new fun social events, new resort-style amenities, and things to do around town is absolutely the friendliest and most welcoming! Homeowners form close relationships and take care of one another, and one thing is for sure, they know how to have fun, both inside and outside of the community. We interviewed Evans to learn more about how she welcomes new neighbors and what she loves most about her community. 

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Top 10 Trips for Adventurous Active Adults

There’s nothing more stimulating than expanding your horizons and enjoying yourself — whether that means getting on a plane for an exciting vacation or venturing into town for the afternoon. At Cornerstone Homes, we want you to be able to truly enjoy every minute of your leisure time. With our Lock and Leave lifestyle, you never have to worry about your home when you’re away. We all love our communities here in Virginia, but sometimes, you just need a change of scenery. Here are our Top 10 Trips for Active Adults. Some of them are beachy, some are a little off the beaten track, some are true adventures. And they definitely put the “active” in active adult!

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