Month: November 2022

Your Winter Herbal Cupboard

Here on the farm, we have the unique opportunity in this day and age to stay so closely tied to the seasons. As the days elongate and the field bursts with energy, so too must we. Now, as the daylight hours crawl into bed earlier and the fields hunker down for the winter, we find ourselves nestling in with a blanket or two, admiring a winter sunset early in the evening. Winter is the time of year to nourish our bodies and our families while preserving, preparing, and sharing what we grew throughout the warmer months. The best way to experience and share good daily health throughout the winter is by exploring herbal medicine.

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Woodside Farms Holiday Provisions Market!

Join us on November 12th from 10 am-2 pm for our first-ever Holiday Provisions Market.We'll have samples from a selection of local makers who add love and intention into every serving of their goods. You'll be able to host and feed your family local homemade goodies this Thanksgiving all while barely lifting a finger (other than the times you'll have to lift your fingers to make your orders).

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The Many Health Benefits of Art

Lucky for us, we have so many talented artists right here in Chickahominy Falls. Join us on Saturday, November 12th from 10 am-2 pm as we host our second Chickahominy Falls Art Sale here at The Barn. Enjoy perusing the fine talent we have on display while also finding the perfect piece to add to your growing collection at home. Your health may just depend on it!

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