Change Is In Season. Making a Life You Want.

The season is upon us. A time when we are all reflecting on the positive changes that can bring out the very best in our lives. But what happens when your lifestyle is already designed to do just that. Chickahominy Falls is predestined to make everyday a littler brighter with an award-winning amenity mix that not only keeps things fresh, but it’s all in fun. With health and wellness brought to you in creative ways and opportunities for fun, quite literally, around every corner, what you get is something completely out of the ordinary. Discover some of the ways to make big changes in your life in the easiest way possible, just by making one move to Chickahominy Falls.

Fueled on Freshness

Straight from the farm to your plate and brimming with flavor and nutrients. This right here is a perfect perk for this 55+ Agri-Hood. And eating a nutritious diet sets the tone for a lifestyle built around health and wellness. Nutrition comes to you in every color of the rainbow. Popping up right out of the ground at woodside farms. From juicy tomatoes to crisp greens and everything in between, fresh produce packs a punch when it comes to staying energized and feeling your best. And knowing exactly where your food comes only makes you savor every bite that much more. So, whether you’re sitting the grandkids, exploring the great outdoors, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll around the community’s 9 miles of trails, make fresh produce your go-to fuel for living life to the fullest.

To Market, To Market

If eating out less is on your resolution list, Chickahominy Falls will hold you to it.  A corner store is always convenient, but not many can say they are this deliciously creative. Featuring the very best and brightest from our favorite local food producers, woodside Market is packed with all the makings for a delicious meal. You can even get weekly prepared meals and baked goods because it’s not eating out if it comes from your home. And woodside farms is just an extension of yours here.

Fit To Be Tried

The Farmhouse, with its welcoming façade, has a natural gift of drawing people into its comfort. But half of this building is set up with your fitness in mind. With equipment especially sourced for the needs of active adults, you can set your New Year’s resolutions in motion. From weekly classes led by 55+ fitness professionals to starting a personal routine all on your own time, the groundwork is set. All you must do is show up.

Chickahominy Falls was built with the promise of better days. Giving you all the pieces to shape a beautiful life of your making. Nourishing from the inside out, these are just some of the ways life can take on a brighter hue. By embodying a shared ethos of purpose and profound fulfillment, life truly is what you make it here.