It’s A Wonderful Life. Creating A Life Made Just For You.

And here we are. In another season of reflection. Thinking back on the year, retrieving the memories that will stick with us and making plans for all the ways we will become healthier and happier. But for our residents who live at Chickahominy Falls in Hanover, VA, they are part of a unique lifestyle that weaves all of those tenets right into the everyday amenities.

With that one decision to move in our direction the choice was theirs. To create a life made for them. To eek out every opportunity for health and wellness and to enjoy every minute of it. All you have to do is see it to believe it. Take a look at all of the ways our neighbors made their year memorable. Not jet setting or visiting far off lands, but right at home.

If life is what you make it, this is truly a wonderful life.