Free Range Happy Hours.

You don’t have to limit happy to only an hour when you live at Chickahominy Falls. Making the most of your days is all by design here. Nurturing and cultivating a thriving spirit of community with each and every experience. Award-winning, soul enriching and ready to make every day a little bit happier than the last.

Happier Happy Hours

Eat, drink and be merry. It’s the perfect trifecta for most gatherings around Chickahominy Falls. And the monthly community supported Happy Hour is the perfect example. With the big red barn setting the scene this week, friends and neighbors gathered among its bounty of goodness to share in that spirit of community. With the smell of wood fired pizza from Timber Pizza Company hanging in the air and the sweet serenade of live music by our very own Chickahominy Falls acoustic guitarist. This is the way we do happy hours.

Fueled By Friendship. And Coffee.

What better way to start your day than with a cup of free coffee and the company of good friends. Chickahominy Falls brings it all together every month. Giving your day the extra jolt that it needs. Fueled by friendship.

Food For The Soul.

The Richmond foodie scene always makes an appearance at Chickahominy Falls. Every Wednesday, neighbors can pre-order dinner and eat among friends. With picnic tables set amidst Woodside Farms, it’s the perfect night out, in the comfort of home.

Stress Is Water Soluble

At first glance, all you see are ways to rest and relax in The Farmhouse pool. Even the lounge chairs are submerged in the shallow threshold of the pool for the chicest cooldown. But going on now through mid-August, even your exercise routine will be inspired by the summer season. Playing double duty for your health and wellness, you can get all the benefits of resistance and cardio in one water aerobics workout. Taught by a fitness trainer who is certified in the needs of those 55 and better.

The Three C’s. Clubs, Comraderie, Chickahominy Falls.

There always is a reason to come together. On bikes, sitting around a crafting table or inviting a little bit of healthy competition, there are clubs of all kinds and something for everyone here. Just ask our Lifestyle Coordinator who puts it all on the calendar to keep the fun in your daily mix.

They say happiness starts at home and we couldn’t agree more. Discover all of the ways to reap the benefits of this unique lifestyle that mixes play with purpose in a way that feels truly authentic to the spirit that is thriving at Chickahominy Falls. Discover all of the brand-new homes for sale in Hanover County, VA by 55+ homebuilders Cornerstone Homes and StyleCraft Homes that are available now to make it yours.