Low-Maintenance Living: Let it Snow!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  When the snow is falling in our beautiful state of Virginia, we want you to enjoy every bit  — without the hassle of shoveling or the danger of icy sidewalks. This is when our low-maintenance promise makes the season even more peaceful — we take care of all of your yard work, so you can enjoy the winter wonderland without lifting a finger.

As picture-perfect as fresh white snow is, it can also be a nuisance when walking outside or driving becomes difficult. But you can rest assured that Cornerstone Homes has your back throughout every season of the year, no matter the weather… Even after a snowstorm, we ensure that your driveway and the community sidewalks are always immaculately shoveled so you can walk freely without fear of accidents. 

Without anything in your way, you will never have to miss a moment of the fun in the clubhouse or with your neighbors.  Grab your coat and boots and take a stroll to the clubhouse and enjoy a winter happy hour with your neighbors, or walk  to the fitness center to beat the cold and break a sweat. Not to mention, when family and friends can drive in and drive out easily, visits and get-togethers become stress-free as well.

Best of all, your back and front yards become fun and safe spaces for you and your grandchildren to play in the snow. What could be better than having the little ones over to build snowmen and drink hot chocolate together? You’ll also be happy to know that every one of your neighbors cares about safety like you do, and drives as carefully as can be around the neighborhood, especially during the wintertime.

But when it comes to driving and staying safe when it’s snowy, you can never be too cautious. Here are a few suggestions to stay safe on the roads:

Drive Smoothly. 

Use slow, gradual, and deliberate movements to turn the wheel, push the brakes, and engage the gas pedal. This will help your wheels maintain traction on icy, slippery roads. 

Look (and Think) Ahead. 

Be one (or two, or three) steps ahead of your car. Look down the road to see what’s coming up and give yourself plenty of time and space to prepare. 

Pay Attention to Your Dashboard.

If you are driving in icy conditions and your wheels start to lose traction, your electronic stability-control (ESC) light will come on. This is a picture of a car with squiggly lines behind it. Heed the warning and ease up on the gas to regain control.

Don’t Pump the Brakes. 

The natural response if your tires slip is to jam on the brakes to stop. But it won’t work. Instead, ease off the accelerator and turn the steering wheel in the direction your wheels are sliding. If your front wheels lose traction and skid to the right, turn your wheel to the right. If your rear wheels slip and the back of the car is going left, turn your wheel to the left. As you feel your wheels regain traction, slowly steer back in the original direction. 

Engage Your Anti-Lock Brakes. 

As a last resort, if you absolutely must stop quickly on ice or snow, engage your car’s anti-lock brake system (ABS). Push and hold the brake pedal firmly and continue steering as your car’s computer system takes over. You’ll feel the system begin to pulse as the ABS automatically opens and closes the valves in the brake line. 

Keep Your Car Well-Stocked. 

In cold conditions, it’s always good to keep emergency supplies in your car in the event that you run out of gas, you’re in an accident, or you’re stuck in traffic for a long period. Keep a warm blanket, bottles of water, non-perishable food, absorbent products, and a portable phone charger in your car at all times, in addition to your normal emergency roadside kit items. 

Watch Your Step.

When it comes to walking in the snow, make sure to always wear shoes with good traction, keep your arms free for balance, and take short steps.

Then again, you could always just stay indoors and curl up by the fire! Your Cornerstone home is the coziest place to watch the gorgeous snowfall just outside your window. Grab your favorite winter snack, a warm drink, and kick your feet up — we’ll take care of your outdoor work while you snuggle up inside. Happy winter!