How Do Your Gardens Grow? Your All Access Pass To Health & Wellness.

William Shakespeare said it best “Our bodies are our gardens. Our wills are the gardeners.”  And it’s true. Every day we are given the beautiful opportunity to decide how to best nurture ourselves. We’re not unlike the plants and produce growing up out of Woodside Farms really. Making sure we have the right nutrients, ridding the environment of weeds and protecting our ability to thrive. If only Shakespeare could see us now. In a community that by its very nature is there to support you in so many ways. At Chickahominy Falls, your gardens will grow with a lifestyle built to support your health and happiness right at home.

Nourishing Food & Community

It’s the friendly face that greets you as soon as you enter the community, Woodside Farms truly is the heart and soul of Chickahominy Falls. Under the shade of the big, red Barn fields and rows are turning up goodness from April until November. There are more than one way that residents can reap the benefits of what we sow. With a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, folks can take home their organized, weekly share of fresh seasonal produce. Making healthy living even more accessible, The Farm Stand is open daily with bushels and coolers full of veggies, fruits, flowers and even local meats and eggs.

Dirt Therapy

If you ask us, a little dirt is the sign of a clean soul. There is something that gardening can do for your health and wellness that is almost unexplainable. We know it’s a good way to get your body moving, but the mind boosting benefits can also complement the physical ones. Not to mention a healthy exposure to Vitamin D, which in turn can increase your calcium levels, benefitting your bones and immune system.

Neurons Love Woodside Wellness Chats

Developed as a monthly program to provide meaningful and educational opportunities for our residents, the Woodside Wellness Chats are one of the ways Chickahominy Falls promotes lifelong learning. Studies have found greater neuron generation and connections in the brain with cognitive stimulation like these events, creating positive effects on memory. From weight loss tips and using wellness oils to tips on navigating social security and Medicare, every month shines a spotlight on a new topic to stimulate connections among neighbors and, even neurons.

Happy Trails

Winding their way throughout the community, the walking paths provide intentional connectivity to encourage physical activity. We all know the links between physical activity and mental wellness, but adding some fresh air and beautiful scenery to the mix turns a daily walk into a healthy regimen. Past charming streetscapes and Woodside Farms, around the Pond to the Chickahominy River, when you get moving, you’ll see your home from a totally different perspective. And the experience is all thanks to a thoughtful development process that always puts you one step ahead.

Just Keep Moving

The Fitness Center in The Farmhouse is designed to make self-care a priority. With two separate rooms, a fitness studio and cardio and weight room, to keep you in charge of your health and wellness journey. With equipment designed specifically for the 55 and better community, this place is all about staying active.

When you choose health, you are automatically choosing happiness, too. At Chickahominy Falls, we see no distinction, only opportunities to make every new day a chance to change your life. Find out even more about your All Access Pass to Health & Wellness at Chickahominy Falls.