The Farmhouse. Five-Star Fun, Established 2022.

They say the more one sows, the greater the harvest. And an idea that was planted years ago, is now ready to be consumed with gusto. Nothing will ever be the same here at Chickahominy Falls. This month, it became official. The Grand Opening of The Farmhouse was day one of a future full of memory making, everyday enriching, life fulfilling experiences to come. Designed to be both down-to-earth, yet upscale, The Farmhouse is yet one more space where neighbors can seize the day, every day.

As we raised the flag (and a glass) for the first time and cut the ribbon, signaling the start of something truly special here, see how our friends and neighbors began on a new journey of making fun, friendship and fitness all part of this everyday five-star lifestyle.

Lingering longer is the expected pace around here. Where ladies will lunch, neighbors will belly up to the Silo Bar with a homemade cocktail in hand and folks can kickstart a friendly billiards competition on an impromptu basis.

Summer has already started at Chickahominy Falls. And for the perfect day, we say just add water. The pool deck is designed to kick back, come together, or cool down all in one. There are so many ways to make this one amenity yours.

With fun designed from the inside, out, even our veranda and outdoor spaces open up opportunity for fun. From a bocce court to a summer kitchen and plenty of Ralph Lauren inspired seating areas, you can always experience a fresh Farmhouse experience here.

A fitness center was designed to put your future forward. With equipment exclusively for this age and stage of life, keeping you in peak performance for all the energy and fun that this enriching life provides.

Check out the unique lineup of amenities that come together for a one-of-a-kind purpose, built around your continuing health and happiness. It’s on this common ground that friends become family, in the one place that becomes an extension of home. Our brand-new, five-star Farmhouse proves that happiness is homemade here.