Tips to Know it’s Time to Rightsize

More than likely your current home might not fit your new (or soon to be new) lifestyle as you venture into empty nesting, retirement from a career, or you want more time to visit family or do some traveling. Most of all, you want a safe, secure home built with timely and lasting features like single-level design, lever-style door handles, and a zero-threshold owner’s entry that simplify everyday living. Because these features in a new home provide safety, comfort, and convenience, no matter what life throws at you. And you’re certainly not alone. Cornerstone Homes’ homeowners have all been right where you are now. Here are a few tips to know it’s time to do what we call “rightsizing” and how to rightsize right!   

When To Rightsize Your Home 

You’re tired of maintenance. If a home repair or maintenance has ever interrupted your day, you know how much of a hassle it can be. That’s why our low-maintenance homes allow you to enjoy everything that’s on your daily schedule (even if it’s just to relax!) so you don’t have to think about cutting the grass, pulling weeds, raking leaves and cleaning gutters. 

Unused rooms with no purpose. If you have multiple bedrooms in your home that aren’t being used, you might begin to wonder whether the extra money in property taxes and eventual maintenance are worth it. In a spacious 2- to 3- bedroom home, however, each room not only serves a purpose, but allows you to keep and organize only the things that bring happiness and comfort to your life.

Hanging with grandkids.

Closer to family is a priority now more than ever. It goes without saying that interacting with family over  FaceTime is just not the same as a hug in person. If you have family around Virginia, a home that’s closer to them means you won’t have to miss another birthday celebration, school play, or even just the get-togethers that you love so much.

People walking.

Time for a fun, healthier & happier lifestyle. Ready for more social events and fun ways to stay active with people in the same stage of life? Are you looking for incredible amenities like a clubhouse, pool, and many outdoor recreation areas, fresh veggies and more from your community gardens? You can find a variety of these in one of our more walkable, welcoming communities in the best locations.  

How to Rightsize

At Cornerstone Homes, we believe that rightsizing shouldn’t have to be stressful. That’s why we offer our unique Concierge Program that makes the process easy and fun for you. From de-cluttering to packing and selling your current home to unpacking in your new one. 

In one of our Tuesdays at Two talks, we spoke to our rightsizing expert, Alyson Pedlow of Home Matters of Virginia, about a few quick and easy tips to help you begin the first process of de-cluttering your current home!

Start with an easy area to purge. Getting rid of the things in your current home that you don’t use anymore isn’t as difficult as you may think. Begin with an area that doesn’t have a ton of sentimental value, such as your linen closet.  

Two kitchen cabinets at a time. It’s a good idea to start off by tackling two cabinets at a time. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed, and you’ll have a good base to go off of. Look through pots, pans, mixing bowls, etc. and think about whether you need to bring these items to your new home or not.


Go through closets and dressers. Just like your kitchen, take on just two drawers at a time. If you notice that you haven’t worn something in a few years, you probably won’t wear it again. For instance, you might not need all of those work clothes, whether it’s high heels or ties, so make sure to keep a few for special occasions and put the rest in a bag. Once you’re done, you can donate the clothes to local donation sites or sell them to consignment shops.  We can help you with this!  

Take a look at the rest of Alyson’s helpful tips in our Tuesdays at Two talk hereIf you’d like to chat with Alyson or ask for advice she’d be more than happy to FaceTime or get on a call with you, so don’t hesitate to reach out! You can also find her Facebook here.

At our Cornerstone Homes communities, you will find an array of stylish and smart home options to suit your style! Practical and efficient, these cutting-edge homes are designed to live large. Multiple ingenious floor plans to choose from that are designed to meet the needs of our buyers, are very popular with those that are “right-sizing” and there is no compromising on quality here! Built with high-quality, energy-efficient materials, these homes feature single-story living, sunrooms, lots of windows and open space, beautiful kitchens, attached two-car garages and patios, and courtyards. For those that need a bit more extra space and privacy, we’ve got you covered! At Cornerstone Homes, you can have a second-floor bonus room in a variety of our home styles. On top of all this, there are many extras included in these homes that a lot of builders charge extra for.  It’s time for you to live in a home that is the RIGHT SIZE for you!

Come explore this life for yourself. We encourage you to talk to the folks that live here. They are just like you and they will tell you why they love living at Cornerstone Homes’ communities. It’s easy to get used to this life! It’s time you did!

For more information about our 55 plus communities in Virginiacontact us at 804-215-0766. And better yet, we have limited quick move-in homes for sale right now! Why wait?????