Going Green With Boone Homes

At Boone Homes, we look at every home we build as if it were our own, considering all building materials on the market and ensuring all products are tested to meet our high standards. Our superintendents are craftsmen with 15-35+ years of hands-on construction knowledge and experience, so you know your home is being built the right way.  Our homes are built with you in mind. By building an energy-efficient home, you reduce your carbon footprint and save money on the long-term costs of homeownership! On average, our homes have a 41% energy savings over a comparably sized home in Virginia each year.

OX-IS Exterior Sheathing. OX-IS Exterior Sheathing offers the industry’s tightest air barrier for lower air infiltration. Air exchange performance is 15-20% better than standard house wrap. It also eliminates thermal bridging to the interior walls of your home! Exterior continuous insulation, such as OX-IS, prevents thermal bridging (and therefore thermal loss) by providing an uninterrupted barrier that is installed outside the studs. This allows builders to deliver high R-values. For the owner, those hard-earned dollars spent to consistently maintain a comfortable interior temperature are not wasted. 

Low-E Windows. All operable windows in a Boone Home are Low Emissivity 366 glass for maximum comfort year-round and energy savings! Low-E windows not only create a thermal barrier increasing your home’s insulation, but they also prevent most UV radiation from entering your home. With a custom home by Boone Homes, you won’t have to worry about the furniture in your sunroom fading.

Your HVAC System. All of our new homes include a Trane HVAC system, America’s Most Trusted HVAC System’. HVAC systems are calculated for optimal sizing and energy savings to complement the exterior sheathing and LP TechShield. We also seal all duct lines to prevent energy loss and increase the effectiveness of your HVAC. Trane HVAC systems also have been awarded the quietest sound ratings in the industry.

The Thermal Envelope. What is it? The thermal envelope on a home includes everything that shields the living space from the outdoors. This can be exterior walls, doors, roofing, insulation and more. Along with our other energy-saving features, our stick-framed homes create straight walls and tight joints contributing to our tight thermal envelope that surpasses standard energy and building codes. Our Boone Homes have a tight thermal envelope, decreasing heating and cooling loss. 

Indoor Air quality. We use engineered framing material to protect your indoor air quality as well as Low VOC paints throughout the home. Every home is also equipped with PVC pipes for future radon mitigation systems if necessary. 

Here are a few other Green Features and Practices:

  • High-quality and energy-efficient TRANE 14 SEER heat pumps
  • EnergyStar® appliances (per community)
  • We insulate all walls and ceilings in the garage to protect from heat gain and loss. 
  • Engineered framing material to protect your indoor air quality
  • Low VOC paints throughout the home
  • We recycle all construction waste
  • We use sustainable land use management practices to protect the environment around us.

When you build with Boone Homes, you are building a high-quality, energy-efficient home that will last. Stop by one of our sales offices to learn more about how you can go green with Boone Homes.