Everyday Five-Star.

Imagine if you treated everyday like you were planning a five-star vacation. Your process would involve filling your getaway week with experiences where every moment matters. Setting the scene for a collection of moments that one day will live on as some of your very best memories. Chickahominy Falls approaches everyday with the same intentions. Where every home and amenity is created for a unique combination of luxe livability. Taking conventional plans and reimagining their maximalist version, sustainably designed to flex with you. Amenities planned in a more innovative and forward-thinking way, to help you to harvest happiness right from home.

Experiences are rich here. Read on for all the ways Chickahominy Falls is making every day amazing.

A “Boone” For Luxury

When you are given the opportunity to custom create the space for you, your home has the potential to become so much. Boone Homes takes luxury very seriously. With timeless brick exteriors, luxury included features, first floor owner’s suites and custom options, Boone will help you define your style from day one. Your journey begins by selecting one of the homeowner approved open-concept floor plans and then you’ll be invited to meet one-on-one with Boone’s Vice President of Construction to discuss the dreams of your home. Customize how you wish by adding bedrooms, extending closets, moving walls, personalizing outdoor-living spaces and more. Once your floorplan is personalized to your preference you will have the opportunity to meet with Boone’s long-term trade partners and hand-pick the interior selections in your home. With Boone’s personalized approach, now is your time to get inspired.  

The Cornerstone of Comfort

Designing homes and communities where people are their most comfortable is how Cornerstone Homes approaches their craft. And comfort comes together in the series of Carriage Homes that are now selling in premiere Chickahominy Falls neighborhood, River Falls. Including the uniquely created Tapestry Collection. Where piece-by-piece, Cornerstone Homes is giving you the needle and thread to pull together the most intricate combination of you, room-by-room. With flexible spaces that can be mixed and matched to your lifestyle.

Experience Rich

One thing’s for sure. It’s ALL golden here at Chickahominy Falls. With a range of amenities and daily activities to keep you always moving in the right direction. Greeted by the friendly Big, Red Barn and Woodside Farms, this is the spot where people come together to shop, eat, learn and grow. The brand-new Farmhouse, the 5-star resort styled clubhouse, is opening later this spring to experiences that will enrich the health and wellness lifestyle that is by design. An onsite fitness center, community pool, silo bar, fire pit, activity lawn and outdoor veranda are just a few ways to add life to your years. Even the land plan connects neighbors to friends to nature and back home again, with a system of sidewalks, trails and gardens along the way.

There is always something special about getting away from it all to reset your relationships and improve your overall health and happiness. But nothing is more special when you can experience that right from home.  You’ll find life at Chickahominy Falls is immersive in all the right ways. Discover the place where everyday enriches you with an experiential lifestyle, so living life to the fullest doesn’t just happen when you’re jet setting. The good old days are about to begin.