Give the Gift of Community – Refer Your Friends

There are a lot of perks to being a Cornerstone Homes homeowner. Now, there’s one more. Introducing our Homeowner Referral Program! Our referral program helps create close-knit communities. So spread the word about our Cornerstone Communities to your friends and family this holiday season. Better yet, bring them to a neighborhood function this holiday season so they can experience what a fun and exciting place it is to live for themselves! What could be better than getting to choose your own neighbors? By referring friends and family who would be interested in living in one of our communities, everyone wins! They get to enjoy the care-free lifestyle – and you get FREE HOA dues for six months if they buy a Cornerstone home! The Homeowner Referral Program is soooo easy!

  • Refer a friend/family member who has not previously visited and met with the Sales Team. You must complete the referral form and submit it to your Sales Team prior to your friend’s first visit.
  • When your friend/family member closes on their new home, you will be notified of your free HOA dues reward. (Your HOA dues will be paid directly to the property management company.)
  • Sit back and enjoy your maintenance-free lifestyle with six months of FREE HOA dues! 

At Cornerstone Homes, we are committed to building neighborhoods with a strong sense of community. This happens as people come together to make their neighborhoods their own. Give the joy of living here with your nearest and dearest. We look forward to meeting your friends and family, and helping you pick your neighbors.