Harvesting Excitement At Chickahominy Falls

Gathering here with grateful hearts happens on a routine basis at Chickahominy Falls. But this Fall is giving us even more reasons to feel extra thankful for the unique life that is all ours here. Just like the changing of the seasons, our activities and clubs are getting renewed life. Woodside Farms may be moving closer to the final harvest of the season, but the activity around The Barn is showing no signs of slowing. And we continue to welcome new neighbors, new gatherings and even a new builder to our Agri-hood.

A “Boone” For Chickahominy Falls

Diversity adds so much to a neighborhood. That is why Chickahominy Falls is so excited to welcome Boone Homes to the mix, proving that variety is the spice of life. And Boone Homes is adding even more flavor to the variety of home styles at Chickahominy Falls. New neighborhood Little Meadows, which just broke ground, will have a mixture of brick and stone facades on their 29 custom homes.

New beginnings are always special. And recently, Boone Homes welcomed some of its future Little Meadows homeowners with a Meet & Greet ribbon cutting. Making their entrance into the Chickahominy Falls family official.

Growing Season at The Farmstead

Cooler temps may be slowing the roots and shoots down on Woodside Farms, but The Farmstead is in season. With over a third of the homeowners already settling into a lifestyle based around health and wellness. These villa homes are situated around private outdoor courtyards that encourage you to sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite multi-purpose room. With a focus on everyday living that accommodates both the freedom to do exactly what you want now with the life changes that will greet you down the road. The Farmstead is already over 75% sold out, so don’t delay if you are ready to put your future forward.

Birds Eye Debut

This is the perfect view. Coming together is a mixed methods approach to our streetscapes. Where each builder and every homestyle adds interest and dimension to the overall impression. The Farmhouse is showing signs of progress, making its official entrance this Spring. The neighborhoods continue to stretch across the landscape and the result is a lifestyle unlike anything else around.

Life is harvested by the experience here. While always staying true to the original intent and attitude of Chickahominy Falls. And there is such beauty in the mix and match of it all. Discover all the ways that this season of life, going 55 and forward, is better than you could ever imagine.