Cultivate Your Garden

The sun’s out, the sky’s clear, and your private courtyard is ready for some summertime flowers! A little bit of your personality (and a lot of color) goes a long way in the peaceful spot where you enjoy your morning coffee, relax with a good book, indulge in happy hour with friends, and everything in between.

Easy to get started and so much fun to experiment with, container gardening is the perfect activity to do outside by the comfort and safety of your home. Best of all, an easy-to-maintain container garden adds vibrant energy to your space without taking up space. Take a look at a few of our favorite ideas for this fun outdoor hobby:


Create Your Own Container Garden

Container gardening, which is all about growing flowers exclusively in pots and tubs as opposed to the ground, optimizes your beautiful courtyard space and adds a fresh, clean vibe that’s perfect for summer! The best part is you can get creative with flower arrangements, as well as container size, shape, color, pattern, etc.

Looking for your first idea? There are so many fun ways to spruce up the look of your courtyard:

“Sage” Advice: Whether in your courtyard or your four-season sunroom, beautiful and tasty herbs are the perfect plants to grow! This summer, add a little green to your space and start growing herbs like chives, mint, parsley, thyme, and basil. You’ll enjoy them in your favorite dishes soon! It’s mint to be…

Corner Patch Garden.

Enjoy Community Gardening

At Cornerstone Homes, we take gardening seriously, so we’ve introduced a way to enjoy this pastime with the entire community! Join us in The Corner Patch Gardens — professionally managed gardens at each Cornerstone community where residents can “get their hands dirty” in the best way planting, maintaining, growing and harvesting the gardens each season. Learn about the different varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and vines that can flourish in your community, and attend workshops, planting seminars, and harvest events — all while enjoying the company of neighbors and friends. 

Each Cornerstone community also offers one or more gardening clubs that meet regularly to share tips and successes for creating beautiful container gardens, and help you to cultivate beautiful friendships along the way. Harvest The Benefits of Gardening

You might already know how relaxing and therapeutic gardening can be, but simply standing outside in the sun also helps to boost your bone health and immune system through exposure to vitamin D. Not only that, gardening strengthens muscles, improves cardiovascular health, and even helps to ease chronic pain. Needless to say, gardening is good for your soul — it allows you to clear your mind, relax while being present, and enjoy the warm weather. 

This summer, add pops of color and life to your favorite outdoor spot. We can’t wait to see what you grow! From all of us at Cornerstone Homes, happy summer!