In The Mood For Fun, Friendship, Fitness & Fabulous Days Ahead. A Look at The Farmhouse Interior Design.

Truth be told, this right here might just be our favorite part of the process. Setting the tone and putting all the finishing touches on the fun that is up ahead for Chickahominy Falls at The Farmhouse. Our Interior Designer, Megan Fry, has been dreaming of all the possibilities right along with us and has finally brought it all to life. She sat down with us to give us a taste of what we can expect to see, but more important, what we can expect to experience. Where life and style come together in the one place that will always feel special from the moment you back through the doors. You belong here. In the one place where slow afternoons will linger into evenings.  Where fine finishes meet the all-important design details that when applied in the right way are an instant lifestyle upgrade. Come get in the mood for fun, friendship, fitness and plenty of fabulous days up ahead. Welcome to your very own getaway in the neighborhood of possibility.

Read on for our interview with Megan.

How did you approach the design process for The Farmhouse?

This is an active, retiree community so we really tried to create a playground for everyone to come in and enjoy. They have such a great vision of where they wanted this to take them and even through the few years that this has progressed, I would say that the clubhouse was imagined even a little bit more from where it first came from. It was originally thought to have a strong, rural farmhouse look, and as things evolved, it is taking on more of a classic Ralph Lauren Farmhouse feel and mixing it with a little bit of a modern flair.

What materials can we expect to see in the design?

We are starting with a very classic jewel toned color scheme with lots of colors from nature. Berry reds, greens and sky blues, golden wheat colors, paired with a very clean, white, linen background. It gives us that modern edge where we are able to take very traditional fabrics and throw them in more of a modern setting.

Sustainability has always been in the plan for Chickahominy Falls, has that influenced how you approached the interiors?

Yes, there will be a lot of organic, very natural materials. You’ll see a lot of wickers and rattans and bleached, washed woods and the barn walls will be whitewashed. So, it definitely has a sustainable feel about it. This is the gathering grounds, there will be a lot of attention in the outside elements and bringing that inside. When you’re in the clubhouse, you can open all these doors and you have this big veranda that will look into the Silo Bar and the fire pit, walking down to the Fitness area and the pool. So, the inside just naturally pulls the outside, in.

What is the Silo Bar?

Right outside the kitchen area, there will be windows that open into an outdoor eating area. So, if there is an event, there is the ability to open to the outdoors. When you step down into the garden area, there is this large Silo that will be cut down and it will act as a custom bar. It will have a lot of the white twinkle lights and bar top tables, so anytime there is an event, it can wrap around the entertaining area. We have it open to the fire pit and then it steps down into the open veranda. The events will just flow into the grounds. And that is a beautiful, beautiful concept.

Does your interior design approach change for this unique, active adult audience?

Absolutely because this space will act as a gathering ground. From card games with four people to then 20 people playing cards, then roll into a pizza party. With active retirees, nobody is on such a strong schedule, so the lifestyle of that clubhouse is so important. This clubhouse serves a lot of different purposes. There is a book exchange where you can go and grab books. They will have it open for cooking classes and events. And you can enjoy a nightly cocktail out at the firepit.

What about the landscape design?

There is a great landscape group that did more of the sustainable farm and gardens, but we just added to it with the furnishings and the color palette with some of the flower plantings, so everything just really creates this organic, natural area.

Do you think Interior Design contributes to the health and well-being of the people who experience it?

We do a lot of active, retiree communities and again, people are at the stage in their lives where they are ready to clean house and start over fresh. They are more energized and have a lot more time to spend in their homes, so they care about it much more. Outdoor spaces and outdoor living, at this point in their lives, they are tired of being inside. So the pool area becomes a focus in a community like this.

Do you have a favorite space in The Farmhouse?

I love the main living area. It just played out well. It has a really cool pool table room, a sports bar area that has a dart board area that is off of this big Ralph Lauren fireplace room. And then you open all the big iron doors that go out onto the patio with all this luxurious, cushioned wicker. So it’s not your typical outdoor space, it’s really focused on outdoor living. And beyond that is the firepit with Adirondack chairs and the Silo Bar.

Explain one of your favorite, unique details that will complete the space? As one of the details with the design, we played into Americana. We come from an area that has a lot of artists and folk art and that true Americana in terms of the local artists will be featured in Clubhouse. We have this really classic upholstery and furniture and then you may have this great, modern piece of art that is true folk art. That was a fun twist. We have this cast iron message board that is made by a local artisan, so people can attach messages in a fun way.