Meet Boone Homes’ Community Manager, Jackie McGurl

Meet the real-life dream maker of Boone Homes at Chickahominy Falls: Jackie McGurl. Jackie is excited to welcome new Boone homeowners to exclusive enclave within the community, Little Meadows. 

What do you like most as your role as a Community Manager?

I’m a professional dream maker!  I absolutely love guiding my customers through the new home building process and watching them build their dream home.

What makes you excited about Chickahominy Falls?

Chickahominy Falls is so unique and the atmosphere is so upbeat and positive.  It really makes you want to get up and drive into work every day.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t working?

Gardening, drawing or painting and spending time with my pups.

Why do you think buyers choose Boone Homes?

Boone Homes has a reputation that is synonymous with quality and when you are spending money on one of the biggest investments of your lifetime, you want to make sure it is money well spent.  Our clients also love the ability to modify their homes; we invite them to customize our plans to personalize their homes.

If you were to win a Gold Medal for a skill or talent, what would you win for?

Being quick witted and making people laugh.