Get Social, Chickahominy Falls!

Time of your life meet Chickahominy Falls. Where you will find happiness in real life, from day one. As the only agri-hood in the Richmond metro area, the heart and soul of happiness is homegrown. With a working farm there for a bounty of fresh produce, dirt therapy and events that inspire your health and wellness. But growing from the ground up are plenty of social activities, cultivated by social committees, homeowners and the community that bring people together. Because at Chickahominy Falls, we know life is good when you spend it with people who make your heart happy.

Wednesday Food Trucks

Nothing brings people together like food. And every Wednesday, Chickahominy Falls hosts a featured food truck to serve up everything from local to international flavors so close, you can actually taste it.

Farm Stand

Fresh is just minutes off the vine. And Woodside Farms is pulling up a bounty of wholesome goodness every Wednesday evening from 9am – noon and Saturday mornings from 4-7pm. The beans get snappier. The tomatoes get juicier. And the lettuce is crisper. And happiness comes in heaps and mounds.

Bike Club

Sometimes exploring happens best on two wheels. And this is how the Bike Club rolls. Organized by Chickahominy Falls homeowners, rides make their way into Downtown Ashland, down side streets, past historic homes and along the picturesque Randolph Macon College. And always a stop for a picnic to refresh with the camaraderie of good friends and neighbors.

Wine Club

The best way to uncork and unwind is at the Wine Club meetings. Where homeowners organize monthly to nosh and sip, mix and mingle. Meetings happen around the neighborhood and even hit the road at local wine tastings and wine festivals. Bring your own bottle for tasting to let the good times flow. 

Introduction to Pickleball

The fastest growing sport in the US is also a favorite of our generation here at Chickahominy Falls.  Played in singles or doubles, pickleball is a great way to gather your neighbors for a heart healthy activity. Hanover County Parks and Recreation is offering Introduction to Pickleball Classes on Thursday, June 10th and Tuesday June 15th at 10 a.m. to get you started.

Travel Club

This past year may have put a stop to our traveling, but not our need for adventure. And our Chickahominy Falls Travel Club is gearing up to host all our like-minded travelers to get ready to go again. Sharing stories, making plans and dreaming of what’s next.

Getting social takes on a whole new meaning here at Chickahominy Falls. Where relationships are cultivated face-to-face, over food, fun and fellowship. Come alive and be prepared for your social life to make a move towards 55 and better at Chickahominy Falls.