Meet The Team at Woodside Farms!

Here at Woodside Farms, we’re cozily (yes, that’s a word) nestled in just north of Richmond in the heart of Hanover County, VA. We love working side-by-side with our community members to grow and provide food for all of our neighbors, including Chickahominy Falls as well as the Greater Richmond area. We’re so lucky to be able to get our hands dirty in the soil that we care for and call home, especially in a time when large commercial farms are continuing to swallow up the idyllic past of Virginia. What small local farms provide is a bounty of community – something we can’t put a price on. And as part of your community, we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves to many of our neighbors, both new and old.

Kara – Woodside Farms Field Manager:

Originally from Chesapeake, Kara has lived in Richmond for the last several years. She seems to draw from a well of never-ending energy and can somehow always work at max capacity. Kara is so passionate about growing natural, delicious, and nutritious food for her community that she is also working at Shine Farms in Mechanicsville. How does she do it? I honestly don’t know. When she’s not farming Kara cares for her pup Michigan (who wears a party sweater! It’s so cute), cooks up farm-fresh food, and loves to dance. When we’re allowed to be within 6 feet of each other again one day, you should invite her out dancing – she’s got moves.
It’s also important to know that while we love fresh organic food here on the farm, we’re all very treat motivated. So, I thought listing everybody’s favorite non-farm treat would be important information to share.
● Best known for saying: “great, great, great!” about most things, whether they’re great or extra not-great. The girl’s ALWAYS optimistic, which is a huge asset on days that have extra obstacles.● Kara’s favorite non-farm treat: Little Debbie Nutty Bars

Sean – Woodside Farms Farm Manager/Fix Everything-er:

Sean is originally from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He now has his own farm (they have Ducks there!) in Richmond, where there is a hubbub of energy every day. Pinwheel Farms actually has their chickens rotating out there too! Sean’s a great cook and is always coming up with delicious ways to prepare produce from Woodside Farms. When he’s not here fixing everything, he’s somehow also working in a million other places fixing everything there. It’s such a relief when you see his giant white truck pulling into the farm every day. He also has his own landscaping business called Backyard Farmer. He has several dogs, which I haven’t been lucky enough to meet yet but they sound pretty cute.

● Best known for saying: “Oh yeah I can fix that.” or “I need sugarrrrr.”

● Sean’s favorite non-farm treat: pretty much whatever you bring him

Blair – Woodside Farms Workshare Manager:

Originally from Lynchburg, Blair has studied and is heavily interested in medicinal herbs. You might see her getting distracted by the herbs we grow here (or maybe a bug or an extra interesting cloud, who’s to say!). Other than being accused of over-feeding the farm cats, Blair works with our workshare members every morning and we have a lot of fun! (Check out the farm’s work share program HERE if you think you might be interested)Being from the more mountainous area of Virginia, Blair loves to hike on the days she’s not on the farm. She also has a fur-baby (I hate that phrase, but it is what it is) named Snacks – a cat with no balance. It (like all of the other pets mentioned here) is pretty cute!
● Best known for saying: “Give it a good zhuzh!” Usually, but not always, regarding the soil.

● Blair’s favorite non-farm treat: Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies

Dill & Basil

Farm cats and very treat motivated. That’s pretty much all you need to know about them.

Swing by and say hi the next time you’re in the area! We love meeting all of our neighbors and have dreams of growing food for all of you!