Getting To The Core of Happy and Healthy

When you put down your roots for your golden years at Chickahominy Falls, life shines with the very best advantages, with health and wellness at the heart and soul of everything we do. Fresh produce, 10-minutes off the vine. Classes to stimulate the lifelong learners. And outdoor amenities to help awaken your connection to nature. You will never have the same experience twice.

But getting in shape is about to get even easier in the one place where happy and healthy is a way of life. 2021 is opening up even more opportunity this spring when we begin construction on The Farmhouse, the community’s 16,000+ SF clubhouse. Giving you even more reasons to actually get excited about getting healthy.

According to the CDC, any exercise is better than nothing at all for older adults. However, a recommended 150-minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week, like swimming or taking a brisk walk, is optimal. You can easily break down the time into easier 30-minute intervals, five days a week. Also, by adding twice weekly muscle strengthening activities, you will be on your way to living your very best life. Check out the CDC’s list of recommended physical activities right here.

Lucky for you, The Farmhouse will host a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation and social possibilities, including a fitness center with cardio and weight equipment and a classroom and yoga studio to keep your goals on track. Even plans for future multi-purpose sports courts for hosting pickle ball and other outdoor activities are also in works.

Happiness is measured in experiences here at Chickahominy Falls. And what you will find is staying healthy is actually just a result of the amenities plan. Giving you the opportunity to press play or pause. Shaping the course of your life one day, one experience at a time. What you do with your day is all by choice. And the choices always have your best interest at heart.