Food Trucks on a Roll in Cornerstone Homes Communities

Fun and socializing are key factors of living in a Cornerstone Home Community.   And where there is a will, there is a way.   Even during a pandemic where being safe is top priority for sure,  that did not stop Cornerstone Homes from letting our homeowners sit still!  

With the onset of the pandemic, first came happy hour driveway waves.  Then Cornerstone management jumped into action to make sure fun and socializing could still happen in the safest way possible for their homeowners.  

And what does everyone love to do? EAT.

Especially Cornerstone Homes’ homeowners who love to have social functions in the clubhouse around food and beverages!   With Clubhouse functions on pause, what better way to keep the universal language of food going but to bring the food to the homeowners.  

Food trucks are uniquely set up to survive Covid-19.  Built out of spaces with no room for diners, a particularly relevant concept given the current situation and the perceived future of restaurants.  So, here come the Food Trucks to our communities, beckoning to the housebound to pop out for a bite to eat.  And, while happily waiting in line, chat and catch up with each other as they wait for their orders.   Socially distancing of course.  

The variety of food trucks that are available today is just overwhelming.  With a little bit of organizing and placing orders ahead of time, Cornerstone communities have enjoyed some of Richmond’s finest.  

Here is a list of some mouthwatering examples of what our homeowners have experienced during this last year and will continue to enjoy in the future.   

  • Hawks BBQ – some of the best BBQ, collards, and fried fish
  • Grapevine – Greek and Italian
  • Strawberry Street – American, seafood, burgers
  • Hungry Turtle – authentic Vietnamese cuisine
  • Hollywood Cheesesteaks – including philly, chicken philly, and vegetarian sandwiches
  • Bikini Panini – Mediterranean style, grilled pressed sandwiches
  • Curry in a Hurry – British restaurant style Indian curries
  • Arroz – healthy locally sources ingredients served in bowls, burritos
  • Grateful Grill – gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Smokie Joes – Carolina pork and Texas style beef brisket
  • Boka Tacos – Asian, American, & Mexican fusion street tacos
  • BK’s Loaded Kitchen – pulled pork, smoked fried wings, brisket

The fun life.

 Walk out your door, greet your neighbors, and enjoy the amazing variety of food that Richmond has to offer, right at your fingertips.  Come together and connect.  It’s what we do best!

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