Where Gratitude Grows.

There is already an aura of the unexpected that lives here at Chickahominy Falls. It started in the very beginning with an idea that kickstarted a lifestyle that was destined to be different. And like all things that are unique and uncommon, they become treasured. For our residents of Chickahominy Falls, Woodside Farms is the heart of all things good. It’s what unites everyone, even among diversity of backgrounds, ideas and opinions. But it’s the staff here who are the stewards, cultivating the relationships that come together between the earth and humanity. And it’s because of them that gratitude grows as naturally as the seeds and shoots.

In early December, friends and neighbors gathered with a gesture of good will. Recognizing the Woodside Farms staff and partners for their daily hard work, expertise and good cheer. Every day, they demonstrate their understanding of this place and its purpose. And with that, our generous neighbors opened the hearts and their pocketbooks with gifts of gratitude to be shared among the Woodside Farms staff.

Standing outside the soft glow of The Barn, our idea of community has never looked more beautiful. A shining example of one big, happy farm family.