The Cream of the Crop Construction Team

Construction teams know all about bumps in the road and how to overcome obstacles.  Bumps and obstacles like heavy rains, snow, power disruption, shortage of manpower, bureaucratic red tape, just to name a few.  But when the “big one” hit in March 2020, the Cornerstone construction team rallied and rose to the occasion and showed what it really means to be a TEAM.  

Cornerstone’s extraordinary construction team is led by two production managers, Brandon Bullock and Ken Moody.  “The challenges and consequences of this Covid-19 virus has made our team even stronger.  Everyone jumped in and worked together to ensure our homeowners could move into their new homes on time.   We understand how important this milestone move is to them,” said Brandon.  

Because Cornerstone’s sales have skyrocketed  and still are, the construction team started the year with more homes than ever to build.    But Covid-19 reshaped how we conducted business.  Some of the challenges the team faced were interruptions to the material supply chain (lights, hardware, floor coverings, lumber, for example).  “The communication process with our trade partners has been phenomenal.   And we are ordering well in advance so as to not have any disruptions,” said Ken.  

We work with amazing trade partners too.  There were also some minor delays due to the limited number of people working at any one time inside the home.   But with creative scheduling, good communication, and team work, our homes continued to be built!   “Sometimes during challenging times you learn better ways to work and I think we all will come out better and more efficient in the end,”  said Brandon.

Meet our incredible construction team who take so much pride in the homes they build for you.  Each and every one of them have stepped up to the plate and made sure our buyers stayed happy and excited as they moved through this journey to a new chapter in their lives.   Meet the team:

The virus situation will continue to evolve, and circumstances could change rapidly. However, for now our team will continue to work with each of our home buyers to ensure that we understand their unique circumstances and assist them during this difficult time.  We know that this situation is temporary and at some point, things will return to a new normal. We are always here to help along the way.

Cornerstone Homes, our employees, our trades, and the local economy depend greatly on your home purchase and our intention is to move forward with minimal service and business interruption. We will be taking extraordinary steps to continue with business as usual, but above all else we place the health and welfare of your family, our associates, and our employees first.

Thank you for placing your trust in us.  

The Cornerstone Insider.