Introducing “The Tapestry Series” by Cornerstone Homes

The Lexington

At Cornerstone Homes, we believe that authenticity is a collection of choices.  The weaving together of a lifetime of experiences, inclinations and dreams.

And you should feel that authenticity most by setting one foot inside your door.  Introducing the Tapestry Collection by Cornerstone Homes. Where piece-by-piece, Cornerstone Homes is giving you the needle and thread to pull together the most intricate combination of you, room-by-room.  With flexible spaces that can be mixed and matched to your personality’s content.  

The Lexington

This Carriage Home features all of your must haves.  Private entry and covered patio. Bright and airy interiors.  Large walk-in closets with plenty of storage.  High style kitchen and bath designs.  And, flexible spaces for you to mix and match for your lifestyle.   We call these our Plug and Play Options.

Plug and Play Options in the Lexington

Your 5:00 Room.

Sip. Sip.  Hooray for you.  An entire room devoted to the golden hour of the day.  Join in the wine room.  Where a crisp white will always be served at the perfect temperature. Bottles of red, aged to perfection without even a hot flash to break down her boldness. Temperature, humidity, all resting ever-steady as you go.  Ready when you are to uncork and unwind.

Dog’s Day Room.

Life is good, but dogs make it even better.  That’s why this room is all about your favorite companion.  (Sorry, Hunny)!  Go ahead and walk those trails, rain or shine.   Get dirty and enjoy every minute of it.   Because at home, a built-in dog bath unleashes the convenience and brings out the barks, benefits and bubbles.  Inspired by your unconditional love (and some easy clean-up), every dog has its day everyday here.  So you too can dig life even more.

Shelf Control Room.

Oh, if these walls could tell a story, you’d never want to leave. Lined with shelves to house all your favorites to fill your days.  Because in this chapter of your life, reading gives you so many places to go even when you’re sitting right at home.  Giving a soul to the universe, flight to the imagination and life to everything.  And here, there’s always time to read just one more chapter.  

Double Duty Room.

If looks can be deceiving, in this case, we’re okay playing the fool.  Because this tandem garage may look lean on the outside, but inside, it is long on leeway.  With room that grows, you can park, store, work or fix to your heart and hobby’s content. Opening the garage door to all the possibilities.

A Few of Your Favorite Things Room.

Out of sight doesn’t mean it’s out of mind.  We all know that memories come in boxes too.  That’s why we have a whole room devoted to the perfect storage for a lifetime of stories.  Devoted to all of the items in your life that spark joy, even when they are not on display. This room presents a beautiful reflection of a meaning-full life. But one that is neatly packed away.

Work of Heart Shed.

It’s true that you can find happiness right where you planted it.  And when you live here you squash boredom and always make thyme for gardening. With one space devoted to all of this goodness, happiness is most certainly homegrown here.  A shed where every tool and trowel, wheelbarrow and watering can has its place to complete a life lived in full bloom.

Farm to Kitchen Room.

Here there is one stop before going farm-to-table.  You can leave the dirty work to your prep kitchen.  Local produce comes to you as close as your own backyard or as far as three blocks away at Woodside Farms.  And a deep farm sink, plenty of prep space and cold storage will help you clean and scrub, prep and ready your harvest to be enjoyed at its freshest.  Life here is meant to be enthusiastically devoured each moment at a time.  Without a speck of garden dirt inside your living quarters to muddy the way.

The Comfort Quarters.

Caring is doing all of the things that have to be done, without expecting anything in return. But this space quietly gives back to those who give so much of themselves.  With a private suite, complete with bedroom and bathroom, this space makes room for comforting the caregiver.  Where you can be close when you’re needed, yet retired comfortably in your quarters when you need that too.   A deep breath, a quiet moment, a warm bed is sometimes all it takes.  And then you’re replenished and at the ready again. 

Strength Comes Within Room.

When a room in your home holds you accountable, you know you are going above and beyond for your good health.  There are no excuses here only opportunities to take on life one step, one rep, one crunch at a time.  And the strength within happens from the floorplan out.  Which just goes to show that things work out best for those who work out. 

Sit A Spell Room.

Every good southern home needs a proper outdoor living space.  Where you can take in the breeze comfortably shaded from the midday sun. With pitchers of sweet tea flowing from your outdoor bar.  And nature supplies just the right mood lighting by sun, stars and the occasional firefly.  This slice of life is layered in all the things daydreams are made of.  Wedged somewhere between sunrise and sunset, here sitting a spell is just part of your everyday. 

Your whatever you want it to be room.  Mixed and match to your personality’s content.  The Plug and Play options in the Lexington. 


The Lexington is offered at Chickahominy Falls in Hanover County.   Call or visit today to start weaving together your lifetime of experiences, inclinations and dreams.