Insights Into Your Condo or Homeowner’s Association

Condominium and Homeowners Associations provide the management to ensure your community is well maintained, has a balanced budget and reserves, and residents are happy.   Meet Michelle Newcomb, Community Manager for Cornerstone Homes and Village Management Group.  In the video below Michelle will explain the benefits of Cornerstone Homes self-managing the association from the beginning of development to the transition to the resident elected Board.  

When you move into a Cornerstone community, you will have an opportunity to meet Michelle.  She oversees the day to day operations of the Associations and communicates all vital information to each homeowner.  She is the lifeline between the Developer/Builder, the Association Board, and the Homeowners.  And does it all with a smile on her face!

From managing the development of all the Association committees as well as engaging the homeowners through social functions from the get-go of each community, Michelle is the go-to person.   Click on the video for an in-depth knowledge of the process of an association in new construction and development of the community to the transition of a homeowner elected Board.   Thank you Michelle for all you do for our communities.