Honoring Our Local Firefighters

Chickahominy Falls was built upon a lifestyle that balances play with purpose.  And last week we were able to extend those same community tenets to our friends at the Hanover County Fire-EMS Dept.  A little on the job training right here at our home base for new and old recruits to brush up on their techniques.  And then, to mix in some fun, we hosted our friends for a little food truck fare at our weekly summertime event.

Bob & Patsy Clark, residents of Chickahominy Falls and an avid supporters of our local fire departments, were instrumental in organizing this event for the community.  Their original plans included launching a Hot Air Balloon with the “Move Over Law” as a reminder to keep our first responders safe.  Bob & Patsy’s son, Brad, was a local firefighter who lost his life in the line of duty on Interstate 295 over a year ago.  The balloon with this  important message as well as a picture of Brad, had to be delayed due to the weather and will be rescheduled for another date.  

Additionally, Lynn Ashby, another homeowner at Chickahominy Falls and a local Firewoman, got wind of an old house on the property that was going to be torn down. She reached out to Cornerstone for permission for the local Fire Departments to use the structure for live-fire training and education.   

Firefighters from Station #6 (Henry  Fire Station) and Station #10 (Chickahominy Fire Station)  as well as  Truck #13 stationed at Old Ashcake Volunteer Rescue station all brushed up on their skills right here.  

After the hot work was over, the 2nd Alarm Food Truck, owned by a local Fireman, provided food and refreshments for everyone.  

Firefighters dedicate their lives to ensure that their communities and environment are as safe as possible.   Sometimes that dedication is in the form of countless hours volunteered over many years, in others it is many selfless years working in the industry.

Cornerstone Homes recognized our local Fire station #10 with a $250 donation to honor the men and women who sacrifice their lives every day for our communities and neighbors. Thank you for your service and contributions.  You are our heroes.