“No Stair-ing” – Appealing Advantages of Single Level Living

Try Not To Stair!  

It’s hard not to “stair”when you live in a two story home.   Let’s face it.  Single level living just makes life easier.   Easy for you now and you can rest assured it will definitely be easy in your future.   How many times have you run up the stairs and forgotten something on the first level?  Up and down, up and down we go!   And whether it is moving furniture, bringing in groceries, or doing laundry, doing anything on one level makes things much more manageable and enjoyable!

Cornerstone Homes, the experts in designing homes for those 55 and better, see the demand soaring for single level living homes.  “We are absolutely on top of the game with all of the latest home design trends for this age group.  Our  open-concept floor plans with spacious living areas on one level  and our timely and lasting features,  provides greater accessibility and are generally more cost effective.     This and a laser focus on healthier and happier lifestyle amenities contribute to Cornerstone’s highly sought after communities in the Richmond area,” says Frank Lackman, President of Cornerstone Homes. 

Rightsizing for the Future.

“Our homeowners are not downsizing to smaller spaces, they are rightsizing to a space that better fits their lifestyle and what they may need in the future,”  said Craig Logue, Sales Director for Cornerstone Homes.   For many of Cornerstone homeowners,  it was time to get rid of that big home with stairs, unused spaces and too much yard work.   They want to be in a new, energy efficient, single level home with more flexible spaces, and much more free time to just enjoy life with like-minded neighbors.

Goodbye Stairs, Hello to the Benefits of Single Level Living

  • Bigger and Breezier – more flexibility in design with open living spaces combining great room, dining room, and kitchen to create a comfortable and cozy place to gather
  • Expansion of one level living to the outdoors with sunrooms, covered patios, screened porches and courtyards
  • Savings on maintenance and utilities – increased energy efficiency with single level homes because they are easier to heat and cool and room temperatures are much more even than two story homes
  • Safer to navigate – no stairs, no thresholds… and easier to evacuate! 
  • Easy cleaning – no more stairs to clean (a back breaking chore!) or schlepping vacuum or laundry up and down stairs
  • Options for lower levels or upstairs bonus spaces for company or for additional entertainment areas to kick back and have some fun
  • Smart planning for the future – you are set for whatever life throws at you! 

These benefits of single level living and many other reasons are why our homeowners are living a healthier and happier lifestyle.   And they love it!   Cornerstone Homes offers a wide variety of sizes and styles of one level living homes.  Come visit a location of your choice and find a plan that is just right for you!   Each of our communities offer unique experiences there is one for you:  The Cove at Magnolia LakesThe Grove at Lucks LaneBarley Woods- The Villas of Fredericksburg, and Chickahominy Falls in Hanover.   

Take that first step and  come visit and meet our homeowners.  You’ll want to join the Happy Homeowners club sooner than later!