Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living in a Cornerstone Home

Enjoying the outdoors makes for a much healthier and happier life.   And every Cornerstone Home offers seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces for easy relaxing and entertaining.  Our courtyards, patios, covered porches and screened porches are a favorite spot this time of the year for our homeowners.   Here are some tips for you to make this space fit your personal needs and wants as well as ensuring you surround yourself with beauty.

When designing a smaller outdoor area where space is limited, it’s a good idea to thoughtfully consider your “wants”.  Ask yourself questions to determine how you want to use this space.  Is it going to be your morning coffee/breakfast spot or afternoon lounge area?   Will it be a place to entertain friends and family?  Or will it be your place to get your hands dirty with growing a lush habitat?  For example, if your main goal is to have morning coffee or an afternoon lounge then focus on a cozy seating area.  If your ultimate goal is to have dinner parties with family and friends, then create a magical dining space. 

Scale is another important  element to consider when designing a small outdoor living space.  Choosing furniture and plants that are appropriate in size will keep things from feeling heavy or overcrowded.

Go vertical when space is at a premium.  Utilizing vertical gardens can add character and natural texture for that lush habitat. 

Patios with hard lines such as fencing, hardscaping, or walls can be made cozier by utilizing plants and planters of different shades, textures and sizes which will soften these edges.

Lighting to highlight specific areas is a simple way to create depth and completely elevate your patio at night.  Bistro and string lights are another way to fully embrace and bring intimacy to your small space.

Water features can also add relaxation to your outdoor space.  Fire pits offer a cozy place to sit around and have conversations while adding some warmth in the late fall months.  

When designing your outdoor space, choosing a color scheme will help you create a cozy environment.  However, be careful of adding too many different patterns and colors to keep your space from feeling cluttered.

Bringing the inside out provides endless opportunities for enjoyment.  Using the same design concepts for your indoor living areas apply to your outdoor areas, for example use outdoor area rugs to define your spaces, use pillows of different textures and natural products and plants to help your space feel intimate and cozy.

These outdoor extensions of our homes provide endless opportunities to relax in the fresh air and to entertain family and friends. Enjoy!