Believing in Tomorrow. A Community Update

Audrey Hepburn may have said it best. “To Plant A Garden Is To Believe in Tomorrow.” And around here, It’s not just the fields of Woodside Farms that are growing a bounty of goodness. All around Chickahominy Falls, progress is growing up, too. With four different neighborhoods, each boasting its own changes for the greater good. Just like a patchwork quilt, when it all comes together, it will be even more beautiful, more fulfilling and ready for tomorrow.

Read on for our community updates:

Woodside Meadows.

This is where we started. And Woodside Meadows is about to sell out, with only 2 homesites remaining. But before we wrap up the development of our original neighborhood,  the finishing touches are now accenting some of the finer features of this section. Homesites overlooking the pond will soon have views of the water feature with pops of color from the plantings and perennials and a water filtration system to keep the pond looking its best far into the future. A paved walking trail lined with more plantings and park benches will be the central hub of the neighborhood.  Where neighbors can meet and greet and where friendly first impressions will welcome our visitors to come.

The Farmstead.

Maybe because it’s the best value home offered in all of Chickahominy Falls. It could be because it’s the closest location to the future Farmhouse, our five-star community clubhouse.  And of course, there’s the benefit of the low maintenance, lock-and-leave lifestyle that lives right here. It’s all of these reasons and more why The Farmstead’s sales have been keeping a steady pace. And with construction starting this Summer, it won’t be long before we start welcoming our new neighbors to another Chickahominy Falls neighborhood, just in time for our fall harvest.

River Falls.

There is a very unique dynamic that is coming together in this premiere Chickahominy Falls neighborhood. Offering the largest homesites in the community, River Falls puts you right in the middle of two of our very best and very opposite amenities. On one side, the river and on the other, the future community clubhouse. All situated along cul-de-sac streets on the quieter side of life.  The first homesites have already sold, but many more opportunities remain. Don’t miss your chance to join a best-of-both worlds option in the center of our universe.

Upton Woods.

Construction is underway in this neck of the woods. And our first Upton Woods neighbors will be here just in time to enjoy the last moments of summer.

Woodside Farms.

Look around and you’ll see the heart and soul of this neighborhood bustling and in full bloom. The hops are climbing trellises towards the sky. Bean poles are overflowing. All colors of the rainbow are represented in corn and beans, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, herbs and garlic. You can fill your basket with pick-your-own strawberries and summer squash. And the tiny flowers growing on the blackberry bushes are signaling the arrival of more summertime sweets. Soon the flower beds will awaken for showtime, so you can pick a bouquet to add a little color from our home to yours.

The fine art of soul to soil is happening all around Chickahominy Falls. From the neighborhoods to Woodside Farm, our roots run deep.