Just to See You Smile!

Cornerstone Cares!

From the moment you walk through our door, you are already considered part of the family.  And we will do anything to see you smile.  

As an exclusive 55+ homebuilder, we put your lifestyle first.  And it all starts with a learning-based approach, to help put you on that path to a healthier, happier lifestyle.  Our in-house experts share their wealth of knowledge through blog posts tailored to your well-being and through creatively curated events to keep you connected with Cornerstone Homes.  Watch our Tuesdays at Two Facebook Live Series to stay current with what is happening in the community!

Even during times of social distancing, we have completely changed the way you can tour and connect with our team.   Through virtual home tours, FaceTime calls with our good-looking team, and all the paperwork signed, sealed and delivered right from where you sit.  It’s that easy! 

All-in-all it’s a process that is all about you.  Keeping you safe, comfortable and loving every minute of this future forward process.

Cornerstone Cares!
At every stage in the home buying journey with you, and with our trade partners and our very own employees, one thing is for sure.   We always care and our hearts are always happy!!  


Greg SmithWoodside Meadows & River Falls
Ina HillThe Farmstead
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