The Engine Behind Cornerstone Homes – The Magic Team

Getting to know The Crescent Group

Cornerstone Homes just started it’s 19th community and is going strong. Did you ever wonder how communities get started?   What does it take to get a piece of land ready to build your home that will become your sanctuary and a clubhouse and pool that will become your favorite gathering spot?  That is exactly what The Crescent Group does.   Cornerstone’s land development company, The Crescent Group, is the “engine” or team of highly experienced individuals that find the perfect location, create a vision for a community, and get it ready for Cornerstone to build a happier and healthier community that you will want to call home.  A lot of thoughtful planning goes into the curb appeal, amenities, and location of our communities.   All told, this process can takes up to 3 years (and sometimes longer!  

The Crescent Group sources new projects, finds land to acquire, negotiates the land contracts, entitles the land through the zoning and site plan approval process, sources debt & equity financing for the project, negotiates builder lot purchase agreements, negotiates contacts with site contractors and other subcontractors to build the roads and infrastructure, manages the site development process, and sets up and manages the community HOA.  Just like magic! Whew! Now we’re ready to build! 

As part of the Cornerstone Family, we feel it’s important for you to get to know all of us a little better.  We recently sat down with each member of the Magic Team – Mike, Mike, Michael, Kristin, Matt and Suzanne. We would like to share with you what they do and a few fun personal bits of information.  

Mike Lang, President:   Mike’s career includes 19 years of banking experience, involving financing real estate projects, including construction and development of residential single-family communities and commercial income-producing properties.  He also spent 6 years as a land acquisition and development manager, both for a large development firm based in Minneapolis, MN known and with NVR, Inc. T/A Ryan Homes.  

Mike grew up in Roanoke, VA.   Married to wife Julie for 20 years, and has 3 boys, Mitch (17), Graham (15), and Brady (13).   Mike loves playing sports, exercising and being outdoors.  Running, basketball, white-water kayaking, mountain biking, challenging mountain hikes, then relaxing by drinking beer and watching basketball/football games or reading a good book on a beach.  His favorite unhealthy snack is Reese’s cups and healthy snack is an apple.  Favorite place he has traveled: Norway.  Favorite book was hard to pick but most recent was “Killing the Rising Sun:  How America Vanquished World War II Japan”.  Fascinating tale of events that changed the course of history.    If he could have any superpower, it would be the power to heal!

Mike Farmer, Project Manager:  Mike is a project manager and originally started his career on the construction side of development. He worked in site work and utility installations for roughly 18 years before moving over to the land developer side, where he’s been for over 25 years.  Mike grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia one of four children.  He is married and has a daughter and two granddaughters.  Mike spends his free time primarily watching sports and playing golf.  His favorite snack is anything salty.  Favorite place he has traveled is Playa del Carmen, Mexico.   Favorite book, “I don’t have one particular favorite but enjoy most books in the espionage genre – anything by Vince Flynn, Daniel Silva, Brad Thor or Brad Taylor.”  If Mike could have one superpower it would be the ability to control the weather.  

Mike Groseclose, Project Manager:  

Mike started as an Assistant Project Manager primarily focusing on amenity and landscape installation.  His background is vertical construction.  He is now a Project Manager overseeing construction of amenities and landscaping in Barley Woods, The Cove, and The Grove. 

Mike grew up in eastern North Carolina and met his wife while attending East Carolina University.  They have been married for 7 years and have a 1 year old daughter.  Mike enjoys spending his free time outdoors either at the beach or at his family’s ranch near Hot Springs.  He loves everything from coffee to snacks at Starbucks.   His favorite vacation was when he and his family rented a sailboat and sailed around the Caribbean exploring the Virgin Islands.  His favorite book, Born to Run.  Mike used to be an avid runner, racing in races along the east coast.  Now he just runs between all Cornerstone projects keeping them on schedule!  

Kristin Glover, Director of Amenity Design and Installation:   Kristin has worked in Commercial Construction for 10 years.   She oversees the design and construction of the Amenities including Club Houses, Sales Centers, Pavilions, Dog Parks, Pocket Parks, Mailboxes and Walking Trails. She obtained her degree in Mathematics from University of Richmond.  Kristin grew up in Pennsylvania and worked for her father many summers at his Construction Company that built bridges and water/sewer treatment plants.  In her free time she likes to ride horses and jump big jumps.   Her favorite snack is apples and almond butter.  Her favorite place to travel to is Colorado to ski, fish and hike. Her favorite book is “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah. “I am in awe of the stories and the people that endured WWII.”   If she had one superpower it would be to transform from one being to another. I would love to be a horse for a day.

Matt Glover, Assistant Project Manager:  Matt manages the install of the amenities and common area landscaping. He also does the E&S inspections at all of Cornerstone developments.  Matt grew up in Richmond, went to UGA, and then came back to get involved in the family business.  In his free time he likes to hike, run, do a little brewery hopping, and boating on the James River.  His favorite snack is Flaming Hot Muncie’s and his favorite place he has traveled is Costa Rica.   Favorite book is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”  “This book teaches you how to be financially independent,” said Matt.  If he could have any super power it would be the ability to change into any animal.                       

Suzanne Copley, Controller:  Suzanne has worked with with Roger Glover, Owner and Founder of Cornerstone Homes and the Crescent Group) for over 20 years.   She has been in many different roles and learned many aspects of the business over the years concentrating in accounting.  Suzanne was born and raised in Richmond.    She met her husband, John, through work.  John grew up with Roger in Southwest Virginia.   They have a beautiful 12 year old daughter and two fur babies, golden retrievers.  Suzanne spends her free time with her husband and daughter, going to the beach and the mountains.  Her favorite snack is chips and salsa and her favorite place to travel is Key West where they go quite often.  She grew up going there with her extended family that had a home there.  Her favorite book is “Heaven is for Real. ”If she could have any superpower it would be time travel.  “I’d love to be able to go back in time and see ancestors or forward to see where my daughter will be.”

This is The Magic Team and part of the Cornerstone family that makes it all happen to ensure you have a thoughtfully planned community as the foundation of your next chapter.  Our devotion to our buyers starts here.  So if you see any of us on site, stop and say hi! Connections are the cornerstone of life in our communities.  This is your time to enjoy life to its fullest and we are here to show you how!