For Everything There Is a Season. And Ours Starts This Weekend.

Each week, Woodside Farms offers residents of Chickahominy Falls and the Greater Richmond Community access to naturally grown fresh produce, eggs, bread and meat for purchase at our Farm Stand.

As the events related to COVID19 unfold with increasing uncertainty, we want to ensure our neighbors and the community at large we will continue to provide access to fresh local produce, eggs, bread and meats. 

When you buy produce or products from Woodside Farms, you benefit from the fact that at most, no more than three people have handled your produce before it goes in your bag or onto your table.

From seed to plate, only the farm managers and workers that you know by name have touched your groceries. From the field, to the fridge, to the table at market, produce has traveled a few hundred yards, versus thousands of miles.

No other customers are picking through the produce, no other workers are stacking boxes of food in and out of trucks and onto shelves.

We harvest the day before market, meaning the food is as fresh as it can possibly be!

We will be making several precautionary changes in how we manage the farm stand and the distribution of the produce, as everyone’s safety is of our utmost concern. One such change is the offering of pre-packaged boxes of produce which will include an appropriate amount of fresh produce for 2 – 4 people for a week. This will include a sampling of everything the farm has to offer, similar to our CSA Share. These pre-packed boxes (or bags) will have an attractive price and will help us reduce the number of people in contact with our offerings.

We ask that you continue coming out to the markets in the coming weeks.  Our next market is Saturday, March 28.  Woodside Farms is a small business and without your support, we cannot thrive and grow. We provide an essential service to our community by growing and selling the freshest produce available.

And in other news, Chickahominy Falls is saying goodbye to our beloved farm family, Bryan and Meredith Aycock, who helped nurture and grow a thriving Woodside Farms. And just like in any family, our hearts are sad to see them go. But they are leaving us with memories of the farm’s first year of abundance. Today, we are welcoming a new team to the farm. They are not strangers, but rather friends who have worked these fields alongside the Aycock’s. Sean Shepperd will be the Director of Farm Operations and comes from The Backyard Farmer, who has worked with Chickahominy Falls for years.  Kara Siewers, is a familiar face around the fields and has been promoted to Farm Manager.

Take a minute and hear all that the next generation of Woodside Farmers have planned for the coming season.

Thank you for your continued support.

Here’s to healthy living,

Roger Glover and the Farm Team at Woodside