The Health Hype Is Real.

There’s a lot of hype these days about eating healthy and taking better care of yourself.   But this weekend confirmed my belief that this isn’t hype. It’s real.   This idea of using food to manage health explains the overwhelming interest in fresh, natural and organic products.   And  this was evident at the Health and Wellness Fair that took place at Woodside Farms in Chickahominy  Falls.   Over 200 likeminded  people attended and were able to gather information, taste healthy food, and purchase products.   The Barn was filled with a variety of vendors with products dedicated to healthy living.  If you missed this event, here is a list of our participating vendors.    


Everyone enjoyed relaxing and stretching with Dee Yarbrough, a certified yoga instructor who offers a plethora of classes and workshops. 


Amy Fowler, kombucha, juice, and essential oil aficionado and founder of Aromatic Wellness RVA, shared samples of her home-brewed, double fermented kombucha, as well as some delicious, refreshing juices, with produce straight from the fields of Woodside Farms. A big thanks to Agriberry for donating supplies for the juices.


Our farmers were on hand for you to learn more about our farm, our CSA Farm Share, and our Workshare Program!  Walk the fields where your produce is grown and sign up for a Farm Share to make 2020 your healthiest year yet!


Hanover Acupuncture & Wellness offers a natural — and powerful — approach to pain and disease. They specialize in chronic pain, neuropathy, cosmetic acupuncture, and have successfully treated many other conditions. They help people who’ve been told there are no other options.


Hens and Hemp LLC makes small batch, full spectrum CBD oils, salves and balms to order and offers trimmed and cured smokable flower. Their hemp is grown outdoors with organic practices, permaculture techniques, and with no chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers . Local, small, family farm CBD products!​


Wild​ Earth Fermentation, founded by Grant Collier & Bri McCarthy, is a business focused on spreading the joy of fermented foods around the Richmond area. They work with local farmers to create delicious and gut-healthy ferments. They  shared the benefits of fermented foods and had their products available for purchase.


Blair Doucette is a holistic nutritionist (and farmer here at Woodside!) who uses food as functional medicine to treat and prevent chronic illnesses. She received her Master’s in Nutrition with a focus on organic agriculture and medicinal herbs from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2018. Her focus is on quality sourced ingredients that are close to the land. With the idea that food should always be celebrated, she works with clients to find ways to fully enjoy food for all its flavors and health benefits. She’ll be bringing with her: her favorite health tips and tricks, recipes geared towards common chronic illnesses, and information on her services.


Nourish Health & Wellness takes an entirely different approach to health care- one grounded in principles of functional medicine. They spend time with their patients to help them uncover the root cause of their symptoms and empower them to heal.


Andy Wessel of Pinwheel Farm, shared information on the importance of eating pasture-raised eggs. Pinwheel Farm raises their hens here at Woodside Farms. They are rotated on pasture and fed a supplemental non-GMO grain. Limited number of eggs will be available for sale, as well as a chance to sign up for the 2020 Egg Share CSA program!


Beth Boston, of Hanover Nutrition and Wellness, had samples of her Elderberry Syrup and Spicy Cider, and shared some powerful ways to stay well this season. Limited quantities of her products will be available for purchase!​


Chef Laurel Herman will be cooking up some delicious bites for you to sample: an arugula salad (recipe created by a Chinese medicine practitioner), as well as a curried carrot coconut ginger soup!

A successful event that was shared with the homeowners at Chickahominy Falls and the general public.  Cornerstone Homes, known for their focus on health and wellness for those 55 and better, makes it easy with amenities like Woodside Farms at Chickahominy Falls and the Corner Patch Gardens at The Cove, Barley Woods, and The Grove.    Stop by and see us and start living healthier and happier now!