Finding Peace. On The River.

Following the curve of time, every bend in the Chickahominy River leaves much to your wonder and piques the need to wander even more. But these days, it’s ok to lose track of time. Because here, being present is what this purpose-full lifestyle is all about.

This is one amenity that naturally becomes all yours in the newest neighborhood to join Chickahominy Falls. River Falls, by Cornerstone Homes, is giving your hobbies the perfect platform. Tie on a new fly and give it a whirl. Walk along the shores and let your senses be filled up.

Following the natural bend of the Chickahominy River is the beginnings of the most premiere neighborhood yet. River Falls is pulling together the threads of the best Chickahominy Falls has to offer with premium, cul-de-sac homesites tucked in between amenities that are both naturally created and thoughtfully imagined at The Farmhouse, our very own five-star clubhouse.

Just like the river flows, life is designed to enjoy every single moment here. And in this neck of the woods, the pleasure becomes all yours.

40 premium homesites are coming soon. Stay tuned for more news about the first release of homesites to join River Falls.