Move 55+ Sooner.

You don’t have to be retired to move to a 55+ community. Yes, many people have already made the big move, but there are so many ways that right-sizing your life before you retire can significantly improve your health, happiness, and wellbeing. Whether you’re currently retired or will be in the future, take a look at our top reasons that moving to a 55+ community really does change your life:

Happier & Healthier Lifestyle: Chickahominy Falls  makes it easy to stay active and healthy. Enjoy a lifestyle enhanced with fantastic  health and wellness amenities.  Talk long walks on trails that wind throughout the community and along the Chickahominy River.  Gather around the fire pit or relax poolside with friends.  Fish with your grandchild at the neighborhood pond.   Meet at the Barn for a cooking demonstration.  Or work side by side with the professional farmers of Woodside Farms to harvest the freshest herbs, fruits and vegetables you’ve ever tasted.

No Maintenance: Life is best lived when you can dedicate your time to yourself — that’s why we take care of yard work and exterior maintenance for you. Now, you will have more time to savor your newfound freedom and  you’ll never waste a moment doing work, so you can focus your energy on your family, your job, and what you want.

Meet New People: Finally, it’s your time to choose exactly what you do and have fun doing it. Think of this adventure as a new style of living — one that’s focused on you. From social events, clubs, and wellness classes to walking to The Barn to gathering fresh veggies from the Farm to private get-togethers like Dinner in the Field, there are so many ways to interact and become close with your like-minded neighbors. At Chickahominy Falls, you’ll find unique opportunities to connect with family and friends inside and out. 

Sense of Community: One of the many things that sets Chickahominy Falls apart is the strong sense of community that’s cultivated among neighbors from the start.   When you move here, you have an instant social circle and  you automatically feel a sense of camaraderie with people who  are in the same stage of life and are ready to explore and have fun. 

Lock and Leave:  We offer a “Lock and Leave” promise that lets you travel to the ends of the earth (or even just into town) without having to worry about the upkeep of your home, like cutting the grass or pulling weeds. No matter if you’re gone for three months or three days, you’ll never sacrifice a single moment of joy on your trip. Now’s your chance to check off that vacation on your bucket list… Go get out there, we have your back!

Mini Career: If work-related stress is a thing of the past and your days are open-ended, you have all the time in the world to hone the skills you’ve always wanted to use outside of your former career. If you enjoy staying busy and earning an income or just want to volunteer, you can create a “mini career” for yourself by doing exactly what you love, whether it’s writing, crafting, freelancing, or anything related.  Or volunteering and playing in the dirt at the Farm.  The best part? This time, you’re your own boss.

Moving here will be one of the best decisions you’ll make, and you’ll soon be asking yourself, “why didn’t I do this sooner! From new experiences to new freedom, living in a low maintenance-free home will change your life now and in the future. Welcome to Chickahominy Falls, where healthy living comes naturally, friendships come easily, and good times roll all year long.    For more information, please visit our Sales Center and come meet homeowners just like you!