55 Reasons To Love Chickahominy Falls – The Happiest Homeowners.

It’s no secret. We just love Chickahominy Falls. For 55 reasons and more. But nobody can tell this story better than our very own homeowners. From the homes, classically and thoughtfully designed for longevity to Woodside Farms, the heart and soul of our community, sharing the love comes naturally.

Don’t take our word for it. Five happy homeowners describe why their hearts belong right here:



A Wholesome Spirit.

 “We love the focus here at Chickahominy Falls around the farm and healthy living, the spirit of community that thrives here and the easy access from here to Richmond and beyond.” – Karan Unger


Friends Around Every Corner.

 “Living here is like being part of a large, extended family. Every trip to the mailbox is like a family reunion.” – Jeff Hulewicz

“In our previous homes, we were lucky if we got to know one or two neighbors . . . here, there’s a friendly, familiar face behind every front door.” – Deborah Hulewicz


The Very Best Chapter.

“I have been talking about Chickahominy Falls since they first started advertising that they were coming to Hanover.  I kept going out to see how far they were in the development.  I met April Pace with Stylecraft in April and told her I was going to be buying a house there at some point.  I went back in July, April remembered me and it felt like I connected again with an old friend.  She showed me the house and I bought it that day!  My husband and I cannot wait to move into our new home in Chickahominy Falls.  One of my very best friends is moving to Chickahominy Falls and since we bought our home, I have learned several other friends have also bought there.  I look forward to walking the walking paths with them, meeting new friends, exercising and swimming with them, taking my grandchildren to the tot-lot, and participate in many of the activities the neighborhood offers.  The amenities are amazing and I can’t imagine a better community to be moving into at this time in my life. “ – Nellie League


Life Is ALWAYS Rose Colored.

“We were drawn to CF because of the active and healthy lifestyle this “agri-community” promotes as well as its great location, but the best part was moving into a truly wonderful neighborhood that is turning into a supportive group of friends we can share this next chapter of our lives with. And here’s another beautiful sunset from our front porch. We really are enjoying the amazing sunsets.” – Lynne Fricks


It’s Great To Be Home!

“We are so excited to be part of this great community, filled with an abundance of new friends and neighbors, natural beauty and promise for a wonderful future. It’s great to be home!” – Rick Albee

 Discover for yourself the community with a big heart. Thoughtful in everything, your future here truly is golden. There are so many reasons to love Chickahominy Falls. Now it’s time to start creating your own list.