55 Reasons to Love Chickahominy Falls – Grandkid Approved.

Everyone has those memories of days and nights spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Where the fun never stopped and you were rarely ever told no. Now, it’s your chance to make your mark on those memories. Life at Chickahominy Falls is practically designed to be automatically grandkid approved. From fishing and exploring, to swimming and s’mores making, there are so many more ways to make the most of your time together even better.

Five by five, we’re giving you 55 reasons to love Chickahominy Falls.

Read on for the next five.

Gone Fishin’. With Grandpa.  

Memories here come by the bucket full. And it sure helps, when the perfect setting is the Chickahominy River right in grandpa’s backyard. Drop in a line today and create some stories that will last a lifetime. And maybe bring home a fish or two while you’re at it.

Go Ahead. Play In The Dirt.

Anything goes at Grandma & Grandpa’s. Including dirt under your nails after Volunteer Day at Woodside Farms. Every Wednesday help grandma and grandpa tend, pluck, pick and, of course, savor the fruits of this extended farm family’s labor at Chickahominy Falls.

It’s S’more Fun Here.

The future clubhouse will be s’mores ready. With outdoor firepits built right in, all you need to bring are the fixins. A box of grahams, a big bag of jet puffed marshmallows, a few Hershey’s chocolate bars and the best campfire stories make for a perfectly sweet summer evening.

It’s Cool By The Pool.

Here, splishing, and splashing, moving and grooving are all acceptable at this community hotspot. And you just might convince grandpa do demonstrate his best cannonball. To show off for all his neighbors, of course.

Anything Goes.

Endless fun, hugs and, of course, memories. Everything is just better at Grandma & Grandpa’s new house.

Sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa’s house have never been more popular than at Chickahominy Falls. Voted one of the 100 best planned communities in all of America, with amenities this good, you might just be voted best grandparents, too. Easy, low-maintenance and ready for fun.

55 has never been better. Come thrive with us at Chickahominy Falls.