55 Reasons To Love Chickahominy Falls

You are finally here. At the place and time where every decision you make, is all about you. Where your movement to downsize, right-size and optimize your health and happiness happens right here. This is a place with its own personal style and one-of-a-kind amenities, designed to age gracefully. It’s where not only the spaces, but the relationships that you build matter.
There are so many reasons to make your home at Chickahominy Falls. We’re giving you 55 to help you fall in love with life here. Read on for the first five.
Life Is Better On The Farm.
One thing is for sure. A little dirt never hurt anyone. In fact, we believe it is good for your overall health in more ways than one. Because of Woodside Farms, amenities are a little bit different around here. Where there is a focus on the health of your mind, body and soul.
Woodside Farms. An all-natural amenity where such simple pleasures come packed with big benefits.

Reason #1
A Good Looking, Real Working Barn.
Sure, it may look like Joanna Gaines designed it herself, but The Barn works hard. Supporting Woodside Farms, it will soon act as an educational and social center for residents. And with professional grade design and appliances, the Demonstration Kitchen will host educational events, chef led cooking classes and tastings. The opportunity is so good, we can taste it.

Reason #2
Meet Your Farmer.
Farming is hard work. And it’s either there for the taking when you live at Chickahominy Falls, or not. Because here, Woodside Farms will be managed by your own on-site professional farmers, Bryan and Meredith Aycock. Taking the work right out of the benefit. And for the lifelong learners, educational workshops will keep your mind growing, too.

Reason #3
Bountiful Benefits.
We all know the benefits of eating fresh, organic produce. The fresher it is, really means the better it is for you. Nutrients like vitamins C, E, A and B are at their peak coming right off the plant and you don’t have to worry about the negative impacts of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, irradiation and genetic modification either. Even the physical act of gardening is good for you, by lowering your risk of heart disease, stroke and stress while increasing your immunity, brain health and dexterity.

Reason #4
Grow Together.
Sun hats, dusty boots, all accessorized with a garden spade in hand. When you are growing the very produce that will sustain you and your neighbors, the relationships you make on the farm become so much more meaningful. Your social network may look a bit different, but digging in the dirt brings people together around here. Tilling, planting, tending and harvesting. These are the things that will turn neighbors into friends. And we promise, they clean up nicely after the work is done.

Reason #5
Farm to Table in Under 10 Minutes.
Surely the best (and tastiest) benefit of living on a farm is the produce. You know exactly where your food comes from here. And our freshness standard? Tomatoes that are only 10 minutes off the vine. From beans to tomatoes, squash and corn, every seed planted represents a collection of wholesome goodness curated just for you. And here, you can count on bouquets of fresh cut flowers to add a little extra color to your life, whenever you like.
Our advice? Go ahead and play in the dirt. It’s all part of a down to earth lifestyle with a focus on health and happiness.
Five down, 50 to go. Stay tuned for all 55 reasons to love Chickahominy Falls.
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