55 Reasons To Love Chickahominy Falls

Resort Living That’s Down To Earth

At first glance, our amenities give you the impression of a high-end resort.  And it’s true. But around here, you get so much more out of life. We tend to value substance over flash with creatively curated amenities designed for both play and purpose. From a real working farm to miles of hiking trails from river to ridge and a whole lot more in between. You could say it’s resort living that’s more down to earth than most. And, it is in amenities like these that is in the heart and soul of this neighborhood.
Five by five, we’re giving you 55 reasons to love Chickahominy Falls.
Read on for the next five.

Reason #6
The Best Days Take You Off The Beaten Path
Taking a hike is exactly the right kind of busy for retirement. And at Chickahominy Falls, you can wander often with miles of trails winding throughout the community and alongside the Chickahominy River. Take a stop along the way and throw a line in your new favorite fishing hole. Or switch up your mode of transportation and swap the hiking boots for your bike. Either way you take it, our suggestion? Leave the road, take the trails and find your soul.

Reason #7
Don’t Slow Down Now.
This is no time to slow down. Staying active is a way of life at Chickahominy Falls. And our Fitness Center helps keep you accountable. With two very different sides to this space, you’ll maximize your health benefits. A classroom on one side for future instructor led classes and the other complete with all the equipment you need to get your cardio and strength training fine-tuned. There are no excuses here. Only opportunities to get into the best shape of your life.

Reason #8
A New Kind of Social Network.
You might find when you live here, your iPad gets used a little less. Social interactions don’t happen from afar, but rather just the way you remember from days gone by. Where people actually gather and talk face-to-face instead of awarding emoji reactions from behind a screen. There are plenty of amenities that encourage neighborly interactions, like these. An entertaining kitchen in The Barn will soon host chef led demonstrations. Billiards tables will bring on a bit of neighborly competition. And firepits along the outdoor patio just might encourage an impromptu evening gathering complete with bottle of wine and maybe a s’more or two.

Reason #9
Lock & Leave Your Worries Behind.
Jet setting is perfectly acceptable and highly encouraged. Because here, a low-maintenance life is all by design at Chickahominy Falls. Gone are the days of carving out time to maintain your yard. Which only means even more time for you to focus on exactly what you’d rather be doing. Here, you can travel at a moment’s notice. And that’s just the way retirement should be.

Reason #10
A Sunshine & Summertime Staple.
Resort-living wouldn’t be complete without it. And your summers just might be spent right here, sitting pool-side. Umbrella drink in hand. It’s the perfect place to unwind or cool off. This amenity is by far is hands down (and feet up) the very best way to soak up every minute of the season. And the cabanas will become prime real estate at Chickahominy Falls. Reserve them early and then enjoy every minute of your day in the coolest spot at the pool. You bring the food and drinks and we’ll bring the rest. And by rest, we mean the very best spot to celebrate summer.
Upscale, yet down-to-earth. These are the amenities designed to repurpose the past in a new and better way. At the one place where relationships matter, both with people and with nature, too.
Find your 55 and better right here. At Chickahominy Falls.