A Work of Heart.

Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes

-Clare Ansberry

At Chickahominy Falls, we believe in keeping your friends close and your farmers even closer. And it all comes together at the heart and soul of our community, Woodside Farms. And as the earth begins to come alive again this Spring, so to is the steady beat of renewed life right at home. The farmers best made plans are springing into action. Neighbors and friends and gathering to play in the dirt. Seeds are sprouting. Rows are being planted. But as we nurture the garden, the real benefit is how it instead nurtures us by mind, body and soul. Keeping us connected to the Earth, to ourselves and to each other.

Read On For All The Bountiful Benefits from this extraordinary lifestyle:

Volunteer Fridays.

Closing out the week on the farm is the best way to reap the benefits by heaps and mounds. From 9am until noon, April through October, you can assist the farmhands to work through the steady cadence of farm chores. And the benefit gets returned to you in an all-natural way. You can expect to burn between 200-400 calories an hour, take in your vitamin D from the sun’s rays, build muscle strength and reduce stress and cortisol, while raising your serotonin.

Workshare Program.

The fruits of your labor are yours when you participate in the Workshare Program. All your hard work comes with a delicious reward in a whole CSA Farm Share plus some sweet extras. One full share is enough for a family of four and gets you access to the freshest vegetables, herbs and the pick-your-own field. After each shift, replenish your energy stores and sit down to a fresh garden salad, grown straight from the fields you tend. End your season with a Woodside Farms t-shirt and a fulfilling experience.

CSA Shares

Food eaten seasonally and freshly picked is just better for you. That’s why our weekly CSA shares are designed to offer you what is seasonal, available by the half and whole share. Bring your Woodside Farms provided reusable bag each week to pick and choose what you want to take home with you. CSA members also have access to our Pick Your Own garden beds, in addition to their weekly bag. The Pick Your Own garden is only open to CSA and Work Share members. And you’ll also receive an extra 5% off of flowers and additional vegetables added a la carte to your share.

A refreshing take on amenities is all yours at Chickahominy Falls. Help plant the seeds of promise and opportunity and just watch what grows.